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Regulatory Auditing & Support

  • Overview
    RegSafe provides professional regulatory compliance consulting for all aspects of transmission pipeline systems, underground natural gas storage providers and liquified natural gas operations. Since 1990, we have demonstrated our capabilities through the accuracy and completeness of our regulatory interpretations, audit results, and the effectiveness of the programs we have provided, supported, and managed. Our clients rely on us to successfully support their regulatory compliance efforts in the most operationally cost-effective manner possible.
  • Program Development
    RegSafe consults on the development of regulatory compliance programs that meet the organizational and site-specific needs of our clients. Our focus is to ensure that each program not only meets the needs of our clients, but that they are effective, easy to implement and manage, have clearly defined processes and procedures, satisfy Federal and state regulatory requirements, promote the safety and health of personnel, are environmentally responsible, protect stakeholders and the public, and are sustainable.
  • Regulatory Compliance Management
    RegSafe has earned the trust of its clients in all aspects of pipeline safety and LNG regulatory compliance. Our Regulatory Compliance Management is capable of consulting and supporting a single regulatory issue or (as in many cases) assuming a more defined role in becoming an extension of their organization in achieving their regulatory compliance goals.
  • Regulatory Auditing
    RegSafe is second to none in their audit preparation, representation, and post-audit support. We utilize the most current audit protocols, letters of interpretation, advisory bulletins, frequently asked questions, and other historical audit experience to ensure that our clients are fully prepared. Internal audits are designed to the client’s specifications, ranging from narrow and specific inspections to comprehensive, mock regulatory inspections. Our regulatory audit preparation, representation and post-audit support ensures that our clients are best prepared to successfully complete a regulatory audit.
  • Regulatory Agency Support and Communications
    RegSafe consults and assists its clients in preparing for regulatory agency meetings, responding to audit/inspection findings, preparing corrective action plans, and addressing regulatory inquiries and enforcement actions. Our regulatory knowledge and experience have allowed us to develop and execute effective regulatory strategies to favorably close-out identified regulatory deficiencies.
  • Jurisdictional Determination
    RegSafe has a proven track record of conducting complex jurisdictional determinations for both natural gas and hazardous liquids pipeline systems (including breakout tanks) for our upstream, midstream, and downstream clients. We have developed effective regulatory tests using letters of interpretation, preambles, regulations, and other regulatory resources to clearly delineate jurisdictional boundaries and regulatory applicability; even when there appears to be overlapping jurisdictions.
  • Safety Management Systems
    RegSafe has been developing, implementing, and managing safety management systems (SMS) since 2012. We have performed comprehensive operating, maintenance and safety and health programs reviews to ensure the SMS is designed and implemented in accordance with the client goals and industry standards.
  • Emergency Management, Response and Recovery
    RegSafe’s consulting capabilities in emergency management stem from over 30 years of investigating near-misses, accidents, and incidents. We have been involved in accidents/incidents involving the United States Coast Guard, Minerals Management Service, PHMSA, and OSHA. We have practical experience in what works and what does not work. This knowledge combined with our understanding of the regulatory requirements allows us to ensure that we are addressing our client’s specific planning, implementation, execution, and exercise needs.
  • Acquisition Due Diligence and Asset Abandonment/Divestiture
    RegSafe provides two levels of consulting. We can provide a general understanding of the specific regulatory requirements and the most common pitfalls, or we can conduct in-depth, detailed due diligence regulatory analysis. Either way, our experience, regulatory, operating and maintenance experience is used to meet your specific needs. We prepare the findings such that our findings are clearly identified. We provide findings and recommendations for regulatory exposures and deficiencies, compliance gaps, future exposures and liabilities, regulatory timelines, and costs.
  • Regulatory Notification and Reporting
    RegSafe understands the regulatory notification and reporting requirements as well as the importance of courtesy notifications to enhance communications and trust. We develop the notification and reporting details based on our client’s needs and regulatory requirements, (e.g., PHMSA/state partners, EPA, OSHA, Oil and Gas Divisions, media, commercial). Our goal is to eliminate missed reporting and notification requirements and inadequate information. RegSafe supports and/or prepares the following reports on behalf of its clients: Annual Reports National Pipeline Mapping System (NPMS) Notification of Certain Incidents/Accidents Incident/Accident Reporting Safety Related Conditions Reports National Registry of Operators (OPID, Construction, Maintenance, Conversion for Service, Reversal of Product Flow, Acquisitions/Divestitures, Change of Ownership, Operators Name) State Agency Permitting and Reporting
  • Personnel Development & Training
    RegSafe has been assisting its clients in the training of its personnel since it began operations. Our understanding of operations, maintenance, inspection and testing, andrisk and integrity management activities providesus with the necessary insight needed to develop site-specific training to meet your needs.
  • Document and Records Management
    Missing, incomplete, and/or inaccurate documentation and recordkeeping is often a function of multiple errors and/or failures. The development of a clearly defined document and records management program requires a clear and precise understanding of client and regulatory needs. Our consulting in this area is based on years of experience in collecting, reviewing, organizing, cataloging, and filing documents and records in both hard copy and electronic form. Critical to this process is the ability to retrieve the right document(s) when and as needed.
Internal Audits
Post Audit Support
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