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A Message from Our President

RegSafe, LLC has been providing operationally effective regulatory compliance, risk management and operations support services to energy companies and contractors since 1990. We not only understand the regulations, but we also understand how best to integrate regulatory compliance requirements into an organization’s business units and management systems. 

We have successfully designed, developed, and implemented regulatory compliance programs, operations and maintenance procedures, and industrial safety programs for exploration and production, pipeline, underground natural gas storage, refining, terminal, LNG, and contractor companies across the United States. 

Our clients rely on us to meet their needs when and where they need them with technically accurate, operationally effective, and efficient resources.  We do this with qualified personnel and proven regulatory compliance capabilities. 

We have a proven track record of designing, developing, implementing and managing pipeline and industrial safety compliance programs that are sustainable and highly successful in demonstrating PHMSA (including state partners) and OSHA regulatory compliance.  

Since we began operations, our goal has been to provide our clients with the best and operationally effective regulatory compliance, risk management and operations support services possible. 

We strive to serve our clients with effective regulatory compliance, risk management and operations support services in the most cost-effective manner possible. 

We look forward to having the opportunity to earn your business. 

Karl Leger 

President, RegSafe, LLC 

Our Capabilities


We innovate solutions that bring together the potential for fully integrating commercial, operations and maintenance and regulatory compliance requirements to create a safer, more productive, regulatory compliant and effective organization. 


Our organizational structure and size allow us to offer great flexibility and personal attention to meeting our clients’ specific operating and regulatory compliance needs. We have a proven track record of meeting our client’s goals in a technically compliant, timely and cost-effective manner. Our “know-how” is proven from years of experience and technical knowledge in each of our practice areas. Our experience, skill, knowledge, and abilities combined with our “Can Do Attitude” is what makes the difference in meeting our client’s needs. 

​Because of our operating experience, we are comfortable working as an extension of your organization or assuming the responsibility of assuming management and operational responsibilities on our client’s behalf. 

​Our personnel have the core skills, knowledge, and abilities critical to the success of your organization and your regulatory compliance program. We thrive on exceeding our clients’ expectations in developing, implementing, and managing practical compliance solutions, regardless of the project complexity. 

Regulatory Compliance Consulting, Management, Planning, Development, and Implementation

The strength of any regulatory compliance program is in how it is developed, implemented, integrated into daily operations, measured for effectiveness, and continuously improved. We specialize in the comprehensive analysis of regulatory code to provide accurate and detailed analysis and regulatory guidance. 

​This requires effective planning, development, and implementation of site-specific programs and procedures that are regulatorily compliant and fully integrated into all aspects of operations; including, but not limited to:


  • Engineering 

  • Construction 

  • Operations and maintenance 

  • Personnel development and training 

  • Contractor management 

  • Stakeholder liaison 

  • Internal assessments 

  • Audit preparation 

  • Continuous improvement

Our OSHA Experience

RegSafe has developed and implemented both Federal and/or State OSHA safety and health programs that focus on changing attitudes and behaviors of personnel.  Our experience has shown that once attitudes and behaviors change, personnel make better decisions regarding their safety and health as well as the safety and health of the people they are working with.  

Pipeline Construction
Client Profiles


RegSafe focuses on being a full-service regulatory compliance and operations support company to: 

Gas Pipelines

(49 CFR 192)

Transmission and gathering pipelines for exploration and production, midstream, refining, and underground natural gas storage including compressor stations and wellpad piping and appurtenances.

Hazardous Liquid Pipelines 

(49 CFR 195)

Pipelines for exploration and production, midstream, refining, and terminals including pump stations, tank farms, and the jurisdictional determination of breakout tanks.

Underground Natural Gas Storage 

(49 CFR 192.12)

Natural Gas Storage in depleted reservoirs and solution mined salt dome and bedded salt storage caverns.


(49 CFR 193 & FERC)

LNG export and peakshaving operations and associated pipelines and facilities.


Pipelines transporting natural gas, hydrogen, crude, ULSD, refined products, naphtha, ethylene, Highly Volatile Liquids to, from, and between refining facilities. 


(49 CFR 195 & USCG)

Terminal and dock pipeline systems transporting crude, fuels, and other refined products to and from refining operations.

Oil and Gas

Onshore and offshore exploration & production (E&P), midstream, tank facilities, transmission, and gathering pipelines.

Contractor and Industrial Services

RegSafe has been consulting and supporting contractors and industrial service companies since 1990. Consulting and services include regulatory programs and procedures development, OSHA PSM, contractor safety, accident and incident management and investigation, training and qualification, 3rd party auditing, safety management, and emergency management.

Governmental Agencies

RegSafe has developed hazard mitigation plans, emergency response facilities management databases and emergency plans for parishes and municipalities as well as providing on-site emergency response management and support during hurricane recovery operations.

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